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Splattered Paint

The Artistry House


Splattered Paint




Private lessons for ages 4 and up conducted in Mrs. Anna's home or virtually



30 minute session - $30

Piano, Voice, or Acting

60 minute session - $50

Piano, Voice, or Acting, or Piano & Voice, Piano & Acting, Voice & Acting
*split lessons only available for 60 min sessions

Refer-a-friend and both of you will receive 50% off your next lesson!

Lesson Content

  • We will work on tone production, technical studies, and piano/vocal/acting repertoire (a solo and/or duet). It is essential to have a repertoire prepared especially if the student plans to attend auditions.

  • We may also work on school band music or school plays as needed, and any solos you wish to play for contests or have been asked to perform for school, church, etc., but lesson content comes first. ​If you are prepared for your lesson, we can then work on other performances. In the long run, preparing your lesson assignments will give you the skills you need to prepare other materials.

  • Piano students will be taught rhythm, music theory, and work from the Pianimals series, unless they prefer a different book.

  • Vocal students will be taught warm-ups, music theory, breath techniques, and performance dynamics.

  • Acting students will be taught warm-ups, cold-reading, analyzing sides, character development, cheating for camera/stage, and monologue/dialogue memorization. This session is great for aspiring actors and students interested in pursuing theater.

  • Students are expected to devote regular practice time between lessons. This varies by student, but 5 practice sessions per week is a good rule of thumb. 

Special needs students welcome!

Research shows that exposure to music can establish emotional understanding in children with special needs as well as encourage responsiveness, empathy, and communication. Music promotes feelings of empowerment and connectedness that can make a huge impact in a child's life. Music is a non-threatening way to provide stimulation and calming sensory input. The rhythm of music can help soothe and calm.

Inquire to learn more about Mrs. Anna's sessions geared towards children with sensory disorders, anxiety, autism, and ADHD.


Splattered Paint
Splattered Paint
Splattered Paint

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Attendance FAQs:
Need to miss a lesson?

  • Please give me advance notice (48 hours minimum) so that we can reschedule. Call or text please.

Last minute cancellation or no show?

  • Your tuition will be forfeited for that lesson because your slot has already been reserved. However, I will record a virtual lesson and email it within 24 hours to supplement the absence (if requested).

Out of town or in a required school activity during lesson time?

  • Please reschedule! Regular lessons are important in encouraging regular practice routines and musical or acting development.

So I should attend even if I'm sick?

  • No! Please stay home. I won't teach you if you're sick, but I will try to make up lessons if I have some notice.

  • If you arrive sick, I reserve the right to refuse to teach. In that case, the lesson tuition will NOT be reimbursed.

Do I have a lesson on a government holiday?

  • Not all schools follow the same calendars, so please let me know if you will need to reschedule for a specific reason.

What can I do to avoid canceling?

  • If you need to reschedule your lesson, please notify me 48 hours in advance and I will try to squeeze you in another day.

  • I will do my best to arrange for makeups due to family emergencies and severe weather conditions.

Open Studio Policy

  • Parents are welcome to observe lessons at any time and should feel free to come and go. 

  • When should parents be present at lessons? Generally, parents and students make this decision together. It’s very important that students feel comfortable in their lessons; some students want a parent in the room, while others prefer more privacy. It is very important that students do not feel that the parents and teacher are ganging up on them when they make mistakes during their lessons, as mistakes are a normal part of learning. Therefore, I ask parents to keep comments to a minimum.


  • Each child is required to be accompanied by his/her parent or guardian to and from his/her scheduled lesson. However, if a parent/guardian decides to allow his/her child to walk to/from a lesson without a adult, the parent/guardian waives the recommendations of the Artistry House  for the safety of his/her child. In case of emergency, the teacher will first attempt to contact child’s parent/guardian, then the Police Department. If parents are late picking up a child after a lesson, an additional fee may be charged.

House Rules

  • Students and parents/guardians may utilize the studio and the guest bathroom. The remainder of the home is OFF LIMITS. Cameras are throughout the house to ensure the safety of our family and yours.

  • This is a smoke-free, pet-friendly home (two dogs kept in a separate bedroom).

  • If the parent/guardian chooses not to sit in on the lesson they may wait outside.

  • Each student is to arrive promptly to each lesson with all necessary materials in hand (music, lesson books, assignment notebook, etc).

  • If students are late to their lesson, the instructor cannot run into another student’s lesson time.

  • Parents/guardians and students, please silence all cell phones while a lesson is in progress. 


  • Tuition is due at the first lesson of each month and may be made via Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, or cash (no checks). 

  • If you refer-a-friend, a 50% discount will be added to the following session's tuition rate for you and your referral.

  • Please note:  If a student needs to suspend their private lessons for any length of time, we hope you understand that we will need to fill the student's spot.  We can put the student's name on our waiting list and will try to accommodate your return to lessons if/when a spot opens up in the future.  

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