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Writer - Director - Songwriter

Las Vegas


New York City




"Naked" Music Video

Writer, Co-Director, Performer

"Wonder" Music Video

Writer, Co-Director, Performer

Belladonna the Musical

Director, Co-Writer, Producer

"Sofia's Revenge" - Belladonna the Musical


"Always... Patsy Cline" The Musical


"Nuevo Golf" commercial



Bio & Resume

Di’ana Rodriguez is a writer, director, composer and private music/acting coach.


Originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida,

Di’ana began her entertainment career at 11 years old in Las Vegas. Her first performance was playing Liana Franklova in the theatrical drama I Never Saw Another Butterfly, a one-­act stage show set in 1940s Auschwitz during the Holocaust. In the following years, she appeared in shows like Dance On Sunset (Nickelodeon) and Pandemic (Hallmark).

In her late teens, Di’ana toured as Patsy Cline in the musical Always… Patsy Cline (Ted Swindley Productions) and appeared in various commercials, including one for Volkswagen alongside cast members from the NYC off­-Broadway show Stomp (Knick Knack Productions).


As an adult, she relocated to New York City where she played the lead in a local children’s TV series called At The Wave.

In 2021, Di'ana completed her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, specializing in human trafficking and trauma-informed approaches, while also attending screenwriting classes at Wilmington University. It was during this period that she co-authored the TV pilot "Belladonna" and contributed to several other script collaborations. Following that, she led the development of Belladonna the Musical, contributing to both its music and script, and made her directorial debut in theater with the show in March 2024.


Over the past 15 years, Di’ana has been handed dozens of scripts. Performing lends itself to character development and has been instrumental in her process of developing characters on the page and directing performers. Her B.S. degree in psychology has also contributed to her ability to get inside characters’ heads and create believable dialogue and performances.

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